The Silence Is Deafening !

The BBC online reported accusations of anti trade union behavior this week by online crowdfunder Kickstarter , reports suggest that staff have been dismissed for setting up a collective bargaining group within the business , (A Trade Union) !

A company that trades on a community ethos should not be trying to deny employees basic employment rights ! Right thinking individuals should not be trying to fund or support projects via this platform at this time , UK based socially aware photographic publisher Bluecoat Press have expressed concerns regarding recent events at Kickstarter .

Google “Kickstarter Union” to see stories going back to March this year of anti trade union behavior at Kickstarter , I have been embarrassed by the apathy and silence of this issue online ..

I’m gutted for those who have unknowingly been caught up in the cross fire of recent events at Kickstarter and for those who have lost jobs, I have fewer sympathies for those who have chosen this funding path knowingly .

We have a collective responsibility to stand against wrong doing in the work place !

Workers have a right to organise .

First they came for ……..