The Magic Wok !

My Street Photography is fed by a constant search for surprise, I need to be surprised and hope to surprise others with my work , I really value the visual gifts that turn up in my everyday life, especially when my photographic antenna is switched off !

My street Photography practice is based on a blind optimism that the next visual surprise is out there ready & waiting to be found and photographed by me, I just need to engage with my surroundings with a visual sensibility, curiosity & positivity , if I’m “lucky” these little surprises find me , it would be rude not to capture them !.

The weekly curry run after a long week of work is a well established treat in my life , but I got more than a Chicken Chow Mein when awaiting my last Chinese meal , this serendipitous view might be my favorite capture of 2019 , you don’t expect to find green Super Heroes in your local take-away !

Until next time , keep it real !

The State Of Britain, No 192 , 2019

The State Of Britain, No 192 , 2019