Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, David's work is influenced by the British social documentary tradition to which he was exposed during his teenage years through exhibitions at the city's renowned Side Gallery.  Local practitioners of this time such as Sirkka-Lissa Konttinen, Chris Killip & Jimmy Forsyth helped him see how his everyday environment looked when photographed. However, his influences are much wider.


Formal study greatly expanded David's knowledge of the medium's history as well as developing his technical skills. Working as a commercial / industrial photographer until the millennium year served to refine those skills and has had a lasting effect on his current street photography. 


David's recent work consists of self-directed projects that are characterised by social awareness, strong design skills and acute visiual wit. In a typical example, we see a heavily pregnant women in a clinging yellow dress while from the edge of the frame a pair of arms hold out a yellow football. The compositional triangle is completed by a boy walking out of shot with his hand on his head as if dismayed. There are many such examples, confirming a level of perception and skill rather than a reliance on luck.


These examples come together in projects such as "The State Of Britain" &  "Another Day Off"  . Working almost exclusively in colour, David's images exhibit a strong sense of composition which often reinforces the importance of subject and how they relate to place. In his recent "The Blue Frames Project", David gives full rein to his design skills in a virtuosic series of images involving constructed reflections in a large blue framed mirror. We see in this project the skills of the seasoned professional allied to a taste for the surreal.


With social media currently so saturated with me too street photography, David's work shows there is plenty of scope for innovative socially aware street photography."


The State Of Britain series is in progress & explores everyday life to give visual insights into British identity, aspirations and political confusion as it  Brexits the European super state..... Is the Americanisation of Britain inevitable ?                                                           

He is based in the South West of England .


Recognition & Exhibitions

Benson & Hedges Gold Awards                     Highly Commended         1988

British Landscape P.O.T.Y Awards                   Commended                    2008

British Life Photography Awards                     Highly Commended         2015

i-Street, Group Show, Dublin                           Exhibited                           2015

Obscure Street, Group Show, Dublin              Exhibited                           2016

Photo Oxford Festival ,                                     Exhibited                           2017

Lensculture, International, Street Awards,       Finalist                              2017

Lensculture , Street awards, San Francisco     Exhibited                          2017

Alghero Street Photography Awards               Street Photo, Winner        2018

The Voies Off Festival , Arles, France               Exhibited                          2018




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