Right & Wrong !

Back in 2016 I captured a image at the Dickens Festival in Broadstairs that could be read as a metaphor for recent events in British politics , strangely , at the time of capture I believed this image was a bit over the top, melodramatic and pessimistic to survive my final edit of The State Of Britain series , recent parliamentary exchanges and events have made me reconsider this view !

I do not wish to debate the merits of any political position here, I simply want to mourn the loss of respect and civility within our political system , I set out to document the “Brexit Era” from a personal everyday perspective and knew it would be a bumpy ride , my aim was to create a personal project that delivered a little more insight than a few predictable deadpan portraits of fisherman and protesters , no more no less , I did not expect the nation to self destruct , I did not anticipate the toxic climate of fear that exists in Britain today .


The visual manifestations of the “Brexit Effect” , are difficult to see , my everyday looks pretty much as it always has . The invisible presence of uncertainty is sowing destructive seeds of division and mistrust !

As a photographer all I can do is capture the images that represent these times with a sense of integrity, balance and responsibility , hopefully these pictures will help me understand these difficult times in the years ahead, I’m struggling with the narrative now ?

This political crisis is not about right and left anymore, this impasse is about right and wrong !

Sometimes I regret starting this project .

Until next time be safe and keep it real !

The State Of Britain , No 199 , 2019

The State Of Britain , No 199 , 2019