Don't Be Shy !

Does British Street Photography suffer from upmarket aspirations or is Street Photography in this country practiced by a disproportionate number of middle class photographers , who just happen to hangout in “desirable” locations ?

Many of the London based photographers work the tourist traps but very few give a sense of their real domestic everyday , I wonder if togs in the UK subconsciously adopt a generic international Street vibe instead of promoting a more revealing British aesthetic , whatever that is ?

I, like everyone else, love to work on warm sunny days that throw up interesting shadows and well populated locations, however , I do wonder if these “perfect” days misrepresent our country, our weather and our lives !


I shot some very ordinary locations this week in flat light , I confess these pictures are probably more Documentary than Street but they do feel more honest to me than the style of captures I often produce .

With titles like Corner-shop or Terraced Street , these recent images just feel right for these times .

Don’t be shy, try to capture a few everyday views closer to your home , you might be surprised how your real life, really looks !

Until next time , keep it real !