Developing Pangs of Guilt !

I recently read an article on another blog setting out solid arguments for developing "Gear Avoidance Syndrome", you're probably familiar with the thoughts so I won't echo them here Before I go any further let me add that I believe that this "G.A.S"  is a a piece of solid advice and I have suggested in the past that Art Photography books will probably influence your photography more than photographic ephemera. 

The confession I need to get off my chest today is that I have only ever sold 2 cameras in my life and regret parting with both of them ! I still own every camera I have ever bought (except 2) and thats a big number. The truth be told is that these cameras were only ever sold to help the folks who bought them rather than for the cash. I am not prepared to share a itinerary of kit, but will say that every photographic format is covered with at least two systems and thats before we get onto studio kit. The only defence I can offer is that I am emotionally connected to much of this kit and associate it with important images I have created in the past, I should also add that 95% of this gear has paid its way many times over.

Street photography does not demand heaps of kit, in fact it is the simplicity of both the approach and the equipment needed that makes it so attractive to many, including myself. 

It is a very strange state of affairs that makes me pick up Olympus Trip & XA cameras over more sophisticated 35mm cameras that I own and plastic Holgas with and without lenses instead of medium format film cameras that are held in much higher regard by many. I see pictures on the internet of film camera collections that have been built up by young people in a relatively short space of time and wonder if the creative potential of all this kit will ever be realised but it reassures me that the predictability of Digital and top quality film kit is becoming less appealing to a new generation of tog's who want to experience a photographic creative adventure and embrace a level of serendipity rather than follow the rules of the old guard.                               Long may it continue !

Speaking of serendipity, I must beat the drum one more time for World Pinhole Day on the 26th of April, I promise analogue pin hole pictures seem to contain elements of magic and we all need a little bit of magic in our lives.

Keep it real !