Counting Elephants !

Pinhole day has been and gone and what a great day it was, I always try to support this event as I believe pinhole photography is a much underestimated art form, but the best reason for shooting with film and a pinhole camera is that its great fun !

I had not used a tripod for some time or measured my exposure in "Elephants" for even longer  as I have been shooting street almost exclusively for what feels like ages.  I love the differences between Street and the slower methodical approach of pinhole photography, not having to focus due to the huge DOP is also a bonus.

I have posted off the film today and can't wait to see the results, I'm quite excited about a number of the frames I made, I have included a set up shot I made on Sunday with the pinhole although this is a digital camera version that I made to share here.

The picture below was possible due to the help of a passing young man who looked a little sceptical when he saw my camera but agreed to help me by posing for this shot anyway, a big thank you to him, sadly I did not get his name,  he managed to hold the pose for all of 3 elephants  (F120 ish)  on the pinhole shot, well done !

Hel 2015.jpg