Forget What You Know !

The longer I shoot street photography the less I understand it !

I am beginning to wonder if I create the work or the pictures are something that just happen to me, let me explain . I took to the streets of Gloucester yesterday and was rewarded with nothing, I took a few frames of some faded signs as things were quiet,the usual little things that fire up my "Street" radar were not happening and the more I tried to make something happen the harder it became.

After 2 hours of nothingness I decided to call it a day as I thought I might as well head home and watch the live football rather than be tormented by the lack of opportunities in town. I switched my internal photo radar off and headed back to my car. Walking back to my car I thought how unusual the day had been as something usually turns up when I put this much effort in, but today it had not.

No sooner had this thought crossed my mind and I noticed a gull flying at waist hight towards me, I lifted the camera more in hope than expectation and shot one frame without regard for any other elements, background etc... As I have already said I was desperate to salvage a picture from the day so I could not wait to check the screen and see what my efforts amounted too.

The picture below has been cropped but other than that is a true representation of that fleeting moment, the real surprise to me is not the bird but the way the background, scene and colours have come together without a thought from me.

This image may well be credited to me but I don't think I had much to do with it ?

Keep it real !