Its About The Moment !

I recently wrote a piece for another website (Street Shooters Uk) about depth in street photography or the lack of it, then I came across this image from my Gloucester carnival shoot and I can't decide if this is good fine art photography or a bad camera club effort. The subject does not help as it is so clichéd ! 

This image missed the cut in the first edit as I thought and still do think that the image does not meet my own personal manifesto, but I can't deny that its a great moment with good light. The girl in the picture appeared from nowhere and ran through the bubbles that were being made by a nearby street vendor right in front of me, it was all over in a few seconds and I did not have time to think about the image in any deep sense.

I believe this image might be a bit too AP, does it possess the ability to provoke deeper thought from a viewer ?   Sometimes as the "Stones" sang " You can't always get what you want " and you can't expect every image to sum up "life the universe and everything" !

 Sometimes you just have to roll with what comes your way.


I received some good news this week but sadly I am unable to share it here at the moment as I'm sworn to secrecy ! . Some of you reading this might of received the same news and you'll understand, leave a comment if you did.

Anyway here's the pic, having just read this back I have decided to title this image, Life the Universe and Everything in the hope that it will give the image more gravitas. 

Keep  it real !