Down Time !

Anyone who invests a reasonable amount of time searching out Street photographs will be familiar with the frustration of not being able to see anything worthy of a couple of frames.  That does not mean that its time to pack up and head home, sometimes a change of approach is needed.

Many of us walk around with a unfulfilled wish list of scenarios we would like to come across when we go out to make Street photographs, certain events make us swing into action as we believe the moment before us is significant ! 

But what happens when your chosen location does not play ball, you could change location or you can start looking at what's around in a different way, my default position is to start thinking in a more abstract way. I look harder at what is available rather than worry about what is not.

Many of these "down time" pictures are usually reflections or designs based around shadows. I sometimes explore primary colours, anything to try and maintain my photographic concentration will suffice as this keeps me engaged and ready, should a better photo subject head my way.

The picture below is a down time picture,it is a single exposure reflection. I don't know if the "Street Photography" police would call it SP but I care not one jot !