Is Less More ?

It is no secret that I'm not that thrilled with the, state of modern Street Photography, this is an instinctive thing based on immediate reaction to much of the "admired" work and I wonder  where it will all end.

Let me make it clear that I include some of my own efforts in the "suspect street photography" category, at the time of capture these images are perceived to be  great, then at the time of editing I still believe the image to be good but after a couple of months my belief in the image starts to weaken until I become so familiar with the work that I actually start to dislike it. Only a small number of images I capture and view appear to get better with the passage of time as my understanding of them increases my admiration often decreases.

The images that seem to hold my attention are quite often pictures that contain more than 5 people, more importantly they depict how people react to each other rather than the individual quirky candid portrait shots that seem to be a SP staple at the moment. The close up graphic style details are also beginning to look tired to me.

Style appears to be more important than content with many togs, what they fail to realise is that no matter how many sequins you sew on your anorak you are unlikely to look cool. 

Thankfully a successful 100% guaranteed recipe for great street pictures does not exist but if it did I suspect large quantities of hard work and failure mixed with a liberal scattering of luck would feature.

I made this image last weekend, I'm  not sure if its a keeper yet !