Banksy Strikes Again !

Thought I would comment on the latest Banksy artwork that appeared in Clacton ahead of the local by-election which has now been removed.

The piece depicts a group of pigeons holding banners protesting against migration from Africa and features  a swallow as the target of the protest. I believe street togs can learn from art like this as it offers both humour and social comment.

I am not suggesting that photography on the streets can be used in the same way as Graffiti but I think opportunities to develop a personal agenda exist within SP , a consistent underlying message can be communicated  with a more selective approach.

The fact that this art work is no-more should also serve as a reminder that our right to create SP may not be forever in this nanny state, we should create what we can while we can !

Communications of all kinds are already monitored and Banksy has already "commented"  !