Inspired by Mondrian !

I was out on the street last weekend and managed a couple of successful shots, my favourite was the shot below.

I was attracted to the Mondrian like background that featured on one of the windows of a empty store in Gloucester, I knew that if I could capture an interesting moment against this clean abstract design that the picture had a chance of working well, the background was almost worth a shot as it was

The strong autumnal sunlight was coming from the left of my camera position and I knew that this light would either make or break my shot, at this stage i had no idea if my subject would enter the frame from the left or right, I crouched down behind a large street planter and awaited my unaware subjects, this was a stake out !

This picture was my second attempt, I did not try for a third once I had seen this result as not many people were out on the street and I thought it unlikely that a better moment would present itself.

This image was made by selecting a interesting background and investing a little time waiting for the "moment" to arrive, I could never have visualised the outcome.