Save Your Cash & Feed your Soul !

It never ceases to amaze me how much time and emotional energy some togs invest in looking at camera kit, not to mention their investment in hard earned cash to acquire this kit  !

The belief that certain kit will make you a better tog or that you will be perceived as a better tog by your peers because you've just blown a months wages on a piece of kit is madness !

It appears to me at least that the digital camera market is more or less where it needs to be and not many practical advantages are being offered to those who still hang on to a level of sanity.The analogue market or should I say used film camera market is great for buyers in terms of cost although you must factor in the on costs of film etc.

The point I wish to make is that most togs can afford to buy good kit for sensible money but what many fail to recognise is that sticking with familiar kit is a huge advantage as you will eradicate what I call the "fiddle" period of not being 100% certain of what buzzer or bell does what, Stick with what you know!  Don't let the kit get between you and the moment.   I would advise sticking with a fixed focal length lens as part of your familiarity regime.

Only change kit when it lets you down or you want a different look to your work !

Now that I have saved you all thousands of pounds over the next few years I want you to consider an alternative use for this cash. This investment will make you a better tog, a happier tog and might even pay out a dividend at the end if you get it right.

What is this investment I hear you ask ?  Books, books and more books is my answer but not technique books or "how to" books but art photography books, picture books if you like, invest your time and money in the work of photographers you admire, they don't have to be first editions, become familiar or even challenged by the work of other togs especially those who are being published now, not only will you learn a lot but many of these books will hold and often increase in value.

The other reason why we should all invest in books is that the more photo books we buy the more publishers will publish and the more togs that get published the stronger the street photography community becomes !

Most of the SP books on offer usually feature international or american photographers, I would ask that togs consider books that reflect the society they live in and that British togs make an effort to support UK artists especially those who are being published through small local publishers.


One day we might even be invited to exhibit in real galleries rather than on-line ones.

Keep it real ,  Buy a book !

PS: One of the first Art photography books I ever bought cost me five pounds from a bucket book shop on Oxford St, it now sells for more than £200 on Ebay( as it is out of print) the trouble is I love this book and will probably never sell it.

( Added on the 21/10/14 ) I have a confession to make to my readers, within 3 hours of completing this blog I ignored my own advice and purchased a Olympus XA 4, I had been on the lookout for a nice one for sometime, strange how it turned up the moment I had written  this  !