Christmas Theme

I have decided to try and create a few street pix working around a Christmas theme over the next few weeks. I have no idea how many images I'll manage but I hope it will become a welcome distraction from the festive madness that appears to have started already.

I went out today to see what I could see and once again I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of the available light, it would be better described as " available dark" !

I cranked up the iso to 800 and knew I would have to rely on squeezing every bit out of my raw files later if anything worthwhile was to be achieved, the Xmas street lighting above my head looked as if it might feature in at least one of my shots so I took up a low camera position to try and catch a few passers bye .

I had noticed the star shaped light and wondered if I might be lucky enough to get three men as my main subjects in the foreground to try and suggest a sort of modern nativity vibe (3 wise  men) I eventually came away with the shot below, I might return to this location and see if I can better this one.

Anyway have a good weekend and keep it real !