Rural Street Photography ?

I'm a little uncertain about the title for this post but I shall plough on regardless, although SP is certainly the child of urban living I do think the rural lifestyle throws up opportunity's for togs with the right mindset to exploit moments that are almost exclusive due to the small population of street photographers in rural communities. 

The greatest problem rural based togs experience is the density of population, as in many ways SP is a numbers game and highly populated locations offer the most opportunities.

Rural locations certainly offer fewer chances for togs to capture worthwhile images but I believe a change of approach can pay off !

Many of the folk who live in our city's and towns head for the country side to relax and participate in leisure activities giving togs the chance to capture great moments of people in what can be surreal situations.

I would also remind togs that now and again a picture can be created without people that might still deliver a response from viewers.

I captured the image below yesterday and post it here because it makes me smile, I hope it makes you smile too.

Keep it real  !


Walking Home After Eating "U" !