Santa's List !

Following much deliberation I managed to complete my letter to Santa and have released it up the chimney, I hope it arrives safely.

I have asked Santa for the latest Winogrand book, it appears to be quite a significant publication. and will give me a great opportunity to study the work of this prolific American photographer who has inspired so many street togs. I have also listed the William Klein book ABC on my Christmas list and  live in hope that a book by Saul Leiter might  appear under my Christmas tree. I would also love to get my hands on a copy of Grim Street but I don't expect that even Santa can sort that one.

Looking closer to home I am anticipating ownership of the Chris Steele- Perkins book England ,My England as I believe it will complete my collection of British Photography books which already includes studies of England  by Tony Ray Jones, Ian Berry and Martin Parr.

While on the subject of English photographic studies I have decided to continue my humble English project "Another day off" throughout 2015, this will be my fourth year of this project but it is no real hardship as I love the subject matter of England and the English.

Finally I am expecting some news this month regarding my "English pictures" but I am unable to say more at the moment, I have included a scene from last years International Mummers Festival below to try and give this blog a more festive feel.

Keep it real !