Know Your Streets !

It's not rare for me to hit the streets for a few hours and fail to make a capture that satisfies me .  however, I should add that occasionally I manage more than one picture that rings my photographic bell,  yesterday was such a day.

Its important to come back with a few pictures you like now and then, but I've always told myself that these "fail days" are not totally wasted if you learn something from the session , it might be a bit of lighting on a particular street or a repeated behavior of street vendors or pedestrians , the learning is subtle and quite often is of no practical use, but every now and then this insider knowledge of "your" street pays off !

I have been trying to capture a picture of the  guys in my local town taking down huge umbrellas that are used to cover market stalls on market day,  the image of someone trapped inside a giant umbrella has existed in  my mind for years, as my efforts to date have always ended on the cutting room floor , until yesterday .

In the past I have worked this packing away scenario without success, but yesterday was different, I already had a decent shot in the bag and was not contemplating another attempt at my elusive "umbrella  shot" as my photo session was coming to an end and it was hot and I was knackered.

The truth is that I was just walking through the market as it packed away, looked up , saw the brolly guy and knew what would happen next , the light was hard and cut through the scene like a hot knife through butter creating beautiful areas of light and shade , wait,  wait, ...   wait ,  the brolly man did his thing and I did mine, one frame,  got it !

Some shots feel as if they are meant to be, this is one of those  . I had already been extremely fortunate earlier in this photo shoot but that's another story !

Make  the most of this great UK weather and keep it real .