Something Deep & Meaningful ?

Every once in a while I feel the need to write a piece that reflects the state of contemporary Street Photography and the giant strides our art-form is making ?

Having had  a good look around I see that good solid documentary photography is still being mistaken for Street Photography and the insatiable lust for the retro street photography "look" goes on , in short many of today's togs know what they like and like what they know !  

Its not the most forward thinking or progressive of visual manifesto's to create images without visual risk but that appears to reflect the mindset of many of today's shooters.

As I do not wish to write anything deep and meaningful that might awaken the creative sensibilities of the SP community, I thought it best to post some black & white "shaggy Dog" pictures , always popular and never controversial ?

Dalmation no2TWit.jpg

Will Street Photography ever change its spots ?

Keep it real !