Shots from the Hip !

I’m a bit behind the curve with this one , but I must share my very late discovery of this wonderful photographic read ! This is a book written by a Street Photographer for Street Photographers of all abilities and shares the mindset and photographic approach of a thoughtful talented photographer with a gift for words .

Sadly I’m not quite sure who the author of this 1992 book is, but we do know that the accredited Johnny Stiletto is an alias !


The format of the book is very simple , it reads like a good photographic blog using brief stories related to the monochrome pictures that entertain and inform the reader as it gives insights into Street Photography technique and mentality . Those of us of a certain vintage will certainly enjoy revisiting the 1980’s and the trip down memory lane , this book is a refreshing reflection of what I think of as better times !

In my opinion this read is as relevant now as the day it was written, from a Street Photography perspective, it punches way above the sum of its parts and makes you want to go and shoot “Street” !

Be warned some of the images might not meet today’s standards of political correctness !

Shots From The Hip, another way of looking through the camera by Johnny Stiletto, (Bloomsbury Press, is now out of print but does turn up to buy frequently for less cash than it once did ) it might just have become my favorite photography read , I did’’t expect that !

If your looking for a paperback holiday read, this could be it !

Until next time , keep it real !