Tog Takes Picture Shock !

I have to admit that my default personal persona, is of a robust self confident nature , but that has been taking a bash lately and my normal undiminished self belief appears to have deserted me and been replaced with a level of creative and visual insecurity ?

I have no real explanation for this, other than “other stuff” is getting between me and the pictures !

What I can say for certain is that you really do have to have your everyday life under control in order to plug into a happy responsive mindset for this Street Photography malarkey , recently I’ve been turning up at the water well and its been dry !

My British project has almost hit the buffers, not unlike Brexit itself !

This crisis of confidence might be nearing the end following the capture of a few views yesterday that made me smile , one view is literally beyond belief , but that is for another day ?

Until next time. keep it real …….