Street Photography Utopia ?

Who is the “best“ Street Photographer right now ? . Who made the best capture of 2018 , Who makes the best camera for Street Photography ?

If your interested to find out the answers to any of the questions above you have just visited the wrong blog, my answer to all the questions above is I DO NOT KNOW & I DO NOT CARE ! (This blog is aimed at grown ups ).

Welcome, if your new here, this site is aimed at serious photographers who want to make great pictures in public places, it is not a Trojan horse for paid for workshops, print sales or any other Street Photography snake oil ! This site represents my Street Photography journey in pictures and words, nothing more nothing less ! The Street Photography landscape has been littered with too much BS and too many crazy claims for too long , everything from being “The First” , “The Best” & “The Greatest” ? All this nonsense is still hanging around online like a bad smell , hopefully those involved are less delusional than they once were and are ready to move on , having seen the limitations of elitism ?

The predominantly white middle class on-line boys club of Street Photography is beginning to recognise a need to become more inclusive and reflect the society it photographs , the profile of female Street Photographers within the UK is growing , dare I suggest that we might be on the verge of creating a real Street Photography Community worthy of the description, a creative community without cynical motives that embraces the values of diversity and equality . I recognise that much more needs to be done !


I know , I know these lofty ambitions will never be realised , however unless a fresh direction of travel is established by and for The Street Photography Community we will be divided by the past & tribal self interests will undermine our unity and credibility. .Without real change Street Photography will continue to be seen as the art-form that sells its soul for the price of a photo-walk ! We are better than that !

Could Street Photography help build better futures ?

What can we do to change the current ethos of “Street” ?

Could we set up a national UK network of local FREE meet ups, photo-walks ?

Could experienced photographers spare a hour or two to help a new tog for Free ?

Could you help to make this happen ?

I’m sure many of these things already happen under the radar and without great fanfare , a mass adoption of these simple ideas could help to create a real photographic community, a community that is set in the real world that acts for the common good with common goals , this Utopian street photography community could exist if we ALL buy into it and think about what we can give rather than what we can take ! Together we could build a community that is bigger, better & greater than anyone of us individually , my early learning of photography relied on the kindness and patience of others who shared both time and knowledge freely , its time to help others with their photographic journeys !

Reading this you probably think “I’m a “Dreamer” and you might be right ? What I need to know is, if I’m “The Only One”, out there who wants to help others and deliver, form & shape these sketchy ideas, while creating a new Street Photography Utopia ?

Many hands make light work !

Keep it real , share this !

PS, I see this project as UK based, it is not intended to undermine those with a income from Street Photography workshops or photo-walks , it is intended to grow the grassroots SP community by making it more socially aware, accessible, diverse and equal . #StreetUtopiaUK