Photographer Changes Lens , Shock !

I have to confess to using a lens of a different focal length this week , I know “Photographer changes lens “ is not a big deal but it is for me, I’ve been shooting and seeing with a 28mm equivalent perspective for ages., zoom lenses and choice just bamboozle me !

It is rare for me to “see” in a different focal length, but I knew immediately that the view below would benefit from the compressed perspective of a short telephoto lens,, especially on a misty morning .. (longer lenses visually amplify weather conditions like fog & heat ).

This piece is not really about the lens change , my intention here is to advise others that a standardisation of approach, kit etc, might help your “successful” capture ratio improve as you will begin to see the world with the same perspective as your lens .

Sometimes you have to adapt to what your seeing but sticking with a fixed focal length will help the work look more consistent which can be very useful when shooting in series.

This Street Photography shenanigans can be and should be very simple .

Enjoy your weekend and keep it real !