Street Photography Ethics

Today's blog post was inspired by a piece by Nicholas Gooden and a response from Tim Bingham on Twitter, I have adapted this story to help re-enforce my point of view.

Three Street Togs out one morning are discussing various approaches to SP, the first follows a traditional documentary approach, the second argues for a more abstract artistic approach, while the third declares that he is "Hardcore" and is only interested in "Truth" in all its forms.

As the group walk down the road they see a elderly balloon seller on the street corner, blowing up balloons and creating animal shapes. The group immediately decide that he is a subject worthy of photography and "monster" the scenario, after only a few seconds the man collapses to the ground showing symptoms of a heart attack.!

The Documentary photographer drops to his knees and starts CPR as the Art tog gives mouth to mouth.  Within 4 minutes the ambulance. arrives and the paramedic asks the Documentary photographer for a explanation of the incident before asking "what did you give him" ? the Documentary tog replies I gave him CPR as I am trained in first aid, he then asks the abstract art shooter "What did you give him" ? , he replies I gave him mouth to mouth, the medic thanks them both for their efforts before asking "hardcore" "What did you give him" ? , following a long pause "Hardcore" replies sheepishly ....... 1/125 at f11 !

Readers will be  pleased to know that this is a fictitious story, I hope it makes folk think about both their personal and photographic interactions on the streets.

Enjoy your Sunday & keep it real !

The Balloon seller went on to enjoy a long and happy life !

The Balloon seller went on to enjoy a long and happy life !