I am pleased to report that the true spirit and ethos of Street Photography is alive and well and living in Dublin, I was beginning to wonder if it ever existed as it can be hard to find in the UK especially for togs new to Street.

The Street photography community need to be aware that the elitist pretentious values being peddled by some will eventually erode the values that  make SP the most accessible of creative pursuits..

No such problems exist in the Irish capital as the guardian of the SP values here, Des Byrne  appears to have cemented together a diverse group of togs that support each other photographically and socially. The work on the walls here reflects the passion of the Dublin based photographers included in this international show. 

I feel privileged that I have spent the last few days with this special group of people.

I made the trip from England to Dublin for the opening of the Obscure Street, exhibition which is showing at the Inspire Gallery (Lower Gardiner street)  until the 21st July. The show is part of the Photo-Ireland Festival and features both international & Irish togs. Obscure embraces various Street photography styles and approaches.

The opening evening led to a invitation to shoot with a number of local shooters that I could not decline despite having plans to take in a few shows from the Photo-Festival. Plans were re-arranged and we agreed to meet up at the gallery the following morning and shoot this crazy city .

The group dynamic was new to me and not how I would normally work but it did help me understand how and where the togetherness of this enviable group was formed. The unity of this group was fashioned on the street. The sense of community here is Tangible. 

The day was fantastic !   We shot from 11.00am until 9.00pm , our 10 hour session was full of humour wit and a number of significant captures,  the day ended in the mayhem of the Temple Bar district, before we went our separate ways, leaving me to reflect on a truly memorable day.

Temple Bar, Crazy !

Temple Bar, Crazy !

I must testify that the Irish welcome is not a tag line made up by the tourist board, it is real and sincere. a big thank you is due to everyone who contributed to the fond memories I have of my short stay in Ireland especially Tim Bingham , Martin Murphy, Peter O'Doherty, Sylvie, David Lynch and last but not least Des Byrne affectionately referred to around here as the boss.

I will be back !


This is my contribution to the show .

This is my contribution to the show .