The Pictures Are The Prize !

My Twitter followers will be aware that I've been beating the drum lately for the Renaissance Photography Prize, why ? The main reason is that this photographic event donates all profits to The Lavender Trust a breast cancer charity that helps young women through a difficult illness and promotes modern contemporary photography which is another cause close to my heart.

Do I enter because I have been seduced by the glittering array of prizes ? No , I do not even know what the prizes are, there are good reasons why I have not clicked the  "The Prizes" header on the website, the first being that I do not expect to be troubling the Judges or those who present the prizes, secondly and more importantly winning is not the motivation for my photography as I feel that when I capture a special moment I have already won the personal battle to create on my terms and I am confident enough not to rely on the endorsement of others to feel that my work has value !

Sunday the 24th of April is World Pinhole Photography day, I have a great affection for both pinhole photography and this global project especially as this event is none competitive, no winners no losers, just participants and its free to enter. I can not speak highly enough of this opportunity as it takes photographers out of their cozy comfort zones and makes them think in a different way, at least for one day. This method of capture underlines the simplicity of the photographic process and promotes a very creative and serendipitous way of making images.   Do not underestimate the effect that pinhole photography will bring to your photographic happiness and creative well being.

Remember your pictures are your legacy and the prizes are more often than not just tokens .

Keep it real !

Hook a duck, a prize every time .