Artificial Photo Recognition Itelligence Lens

First published on 01.04.2016

Internet rumors are rife that a Japanese camera manufacturer has developed a optic that possess a form of artificial intelligence ,that enables it to recognize classic photographic compositions. The story I read says that thousands of Great photographs were scanned into software which enables the lens to recognize when composition and lighting match the work of famous togs like Bresson, Adams and Terry Richardson. A spokesman is quoted as saying that "this new technology will enable ordinary photographers to replicate the classic works of past & present masters".

This controversial piece of kit is already dividing photographic opinion on internet forums, with newbies embracing the advancement and old school togs arguing that compisitional and lighting recognition assistance is a step too far, saying they "don't need technological assistance to make personalised copies of photographic classic works as they have been doing it manually for years".

In my opinion this is just another mode like facial or smile recognition, this is probably going to be of great benefit to many togs who currently spend a great deal of cash and time attending Photo workshops trying to recreate images that already exist. Successful iconic images without the work, that's what everyone appears to want these days isn't it ?

The Manufacturer has not been named in the original piece but is referred to in the article as having the X factor. 

Thanks to the Fiji Optical Organisation Limited for breaking this story .