A long walk starts with one step !

Its been quite a week, I finally got to see my Another Day Off project over the finishing line and see it in proof book form, I can't say I'm thrilled with the proof printing but it seems to hang together quite well.

Strangely this week saw me back on the street creating new work and one piece in particular which I'm really taken with, it looks as if this pic might just be the inspiration for my next series which at the moment is called "The New Series" seriously though "that picture" has suggested a theme that might be worthy of pursuit in much the same way as ADO No1 sparked a 4 year project. 

I'll publish the "New Stuff" once I am convinced that the project is viable.

I am sad to report the demise of the camera that was used to capture the ADO series, it seems I worked the poor thing too hard, although I might proceed with a repair for sentimental reasons.despite it being uneconomic.

Speaking of Cameras I see The Photo show in Birmingham opens next month and I can't decide if I can be bothered to go, I don't need any kit but I could be tempted to buy one or two photo books as I see Dewi Lewis publishing have taken a stand.

Thats it for now, The New Series consists of only one pic but as the header says a long walk starts with one step !


Keep it real !

The Another Day Off project started with one pic !