From One Extreme To The Other !

Its no secret that over the last few months I've done very little photographically , the truth is I just haven't been feeling it, I know from experience that I really need to be up for picture taking if my investment of time is not going to be wasted.

Today was different, I woke up like a man possessed and could not wait to hit the streets !

Where this new found enthusiasm came from I have no idea as I certainly did not go to bed with any thoughts of the next day being different. The clear winter sky and hard shadows created by the bare sunlight might of contributed to my enthusiasm but the U-turn remains a mystery to me.

The 2 hour session was productive although it started slowly I even shot a shadow selfie to get the shutter clicking and try to get my rested eye into some sort of meaningful action.

This day was meant as a sort of gentle reintroduction to my street photography and serve as a taster for future photo exploration, that is not how it turned out !

Many photographers often reply to the question of "What is your favorite photograph " ? with the well rehearsed answer " My Next one " ! but what happens if this glib reply actually becomes self fulfilling and becomes true ?

That is the problem I have created today, as I believe I might of created the best image I have ever captured or even scarier that I might ever capture. The thought of my best work being behind me might be true after today !

This tale reminds me of a friend who bought into a Carp fishing syndicate and caught the fish of a lifetime on his first visit, he never returned to the lake again .

Anyway that is the story of today's shoot, my head is  both excited  by my latest capture and fearful that I might of captured a pic that is better than any I have yet to make.

Having written so much about a image that has only existed for hours I am not ready to publish it , in fact that might be the answer I could pretend it never happened , but it did !

Keep it real !


The naff shadowy selfie I shot to get warmed up !