Street Photography Wears Water Wings !

I was interested to read a piece by Michael Sweet this week in the Huffington Post that compared the state of modern SP to the Emperors new clothes. Michaels views more or less echoed what I have been thinking and writing for a while although I must admit that his piece put the argument much better than any of my humble rantings.

Street photography seems to be very happy living in its own shallow pool and appears to look enviously out towards the much deeper and busier pool that is occupied by swimmers of all levels who have been brave enough to shed the water wings and risk perceived failure or even drowning in order to explore their own limitations or strengths.

This comparison is especially relevant to me today as one of my recent excursions into the "BIG" pool has just ended in failure, that's no problem for me as I've been around long enough to cope and even learn from my negative experiences. The big pool on this occasion was the Renaissance Photography Awards and I failed to make the short list. The Renaissance prize is a Art Photography Prize that supports a cancer charity while showcasing both established and aspiring photographic artist's . The reason it interests me is not only is it a great cause but it gives togs like me the opportunity to break out of the incestuous world of Street Photography and present work to a Art Photography audience which is where I believe SP should live in greater numbers or at least have aspirations of inhabiting this arena.

Renaissance Photography Awards I will be back !

The positive news is that I enjoyed a really fruitful shoot last weekend and have had a picture selected for the  iStreet Exhibition in Dublin which opens on the 14th August at the Sol Art Gallery. Sadly I am unable to make the trip to see the show as I do not have enough holiday entitlement, I have used my holidays to shoot the Another Day off project ironically.

Thats it for this week, have a great weekend and keep it real !

My Renaissance entry below .