Living Off Scraps !

As Street Togs the challenge we face most often is trying to make something from nothing, our subject of choice is the mundane and the activities that happen every day. Our torment is quite often to try and find beauty or at least visual stimulation where very little exists.

The devices we use to add a little oomph !; range from humour, juxtaposition, irony and when we are really on our game we can rely on little more than a sharp eye,good light and well honed phychic  skills to predict what events might reveal themselves next. All in all Street photography can be a tough gig even when you turn up with the necessary mindset.

How can we try and turn the odds of success in our favour ? Having sorted the technical stuff and chosen a location that meets our plans we can do little more than watch and wait and eventually our next masterpiece will just manifest itself in front of us, won't it ?  No !                     Unless a little thought has been given to what your looking for, it is unlikely that you'll recognise the moment should it arrive anyway.

When things get tough for me I start looking for interesting light or graphic backgrounds at least if I'm on a stake out I can reduce the risk of the light being poor or a distracting background wrecking my hard to find moments by sorting it out when things are slow. I sometimes visualise what I would like to happen, every now and then the moment I'm  gifted surpasses any of my expectations;. It is also worth mentioning that more often nothing happens at all !

Its easy enough to grab a few individual candid portraits but for me unless the subject is especially interesting these pix won't quench my SP thirst . The truth is that patience , hard work and a little pre-planning is all we can really contribute to bring the odds down in our favour, although experience will help you make better decisions about how you manage your time on the street. A workshop or two might give you a few ideas but this is no substitute for time on the street, remember when I say time, I  mean thinking looking and engaging with your surroundings

Failing this togs could invest in a rabbits foot or suchlike because the best shots certainly rely on a element of luck or magic of sorts. I was lucky enough to come across the scene below today, I think its unlikely that I will come across a scene like this again, but I have been living on scraps for a while  and I've learnt to  take it on the chin.

Keep it real !