Ask the question, take a risk !

The great thing about creating images for yourself is that no one has any expectations of you and you enjoy total creative control over the process, no client and no pressure to perform.

Many of us behave as if we must conform and meet the expectations of peer groups, on-line communities or quite often the photo press etc. Your photgraphy is exactly that "YOURS" and its important that you embrace the ownership of your own imagery as an expression of yourself !  

    Now and again we should ask the question "what happens if " and maybe explore the question deeper, a exploration of what is unknown to you is possibly more valuable than a demonstration of the knowledge you possess.

Yesterday I asked myself the question, What happens if I shoot with a underwater camera stored in a plastic bag full of water ?

The results were certainly unpredictable, I got some pretty straight looking shots, some very soft ethereal looking pix but I also got some distorted views that might be worth exploring further and trying to refine the technique although I must confess to loving the lack of control this approach offers, you don't even get to touch the camera during use !

I'm sure I'm not the first to try this method but its new to me and I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has "mastered" this underwater street photography.

This is my favourite shot from yesterday !