Does Your Work Have An Opinion !

Lets face it Street Photography is a very simple art form, one camera , one lens and a mindset to record the life and times we live in ! Job done !

Not quite , the problem with the above statement is that it does not include you, unless your views, personality and opinions are represented through your pictures the work is danger of becoming passive.

I was reminded of this principle this week when I created an image that really summed up how I was feeling following the result of the General Election, I spotted a scene that I had come across before but had never really appreciated the irony of the visual elements when they were unified.

Opinions can be difficult to express through photography and can easily be missed by many viewers or even worse misread, but that does not mean we should be afraid of expressing our thoughts and even concerns through our work, the picture below could easily be read as a patriotic jingoistic celebration of the UK.

It is not !

The Hospice Fundraising Shop 2015