Hello, Hello, Hello...

Hi and welcome to a new year on the UK Street Photography website, i hope you lot have recovered from your seasonal excess and are ready to go for another 12 months of all things Street Photography.

I hope Santa was kind to you and that your book collection has grown over the festive period, mine certainly has although "Grim Street" is still not a book I own. I have no doubt that some of you probably acquired some new kit over the last few weeks, I hope it does what you expect it to do for you.

January is a great time to make plans, the Holiday commercials are already appearing on our TV's trying to tempt us to exotic locations all over the planet. I have managed to resist these offers so far. I have made plans to shoot a few UK based events this year and I would encourage togs to start making plans to shoot at least one major UK event this year in "Street" style . Why not visit a run-down coastal town at some point as the picture opportunities are great ! I would also encourage togs to visit the Durham Miners Gala as it is a great day out, Durham is a great city. Ask yourself what would you really like to shoot this year and make it happen.

Have you set your photographic goals this year, do you plan to photographically drift through the next 12 months or do you have things you want to achieve ?  Street Photography is the most accessible and democratic of art forms, set your goals, they are achievable with hard work and persistence. Create a web site, enter one of the awards, get published or just reach out to other togs in your area and plan an exhibition, anything is possible.

Finally a gripe, I realise that as togs we speak in pictures not in words but it would be nice if at least a few of my many visitors to this site said hello ! Share your views or plans for 2015.

The pic below is not really a Street pic, it is meant to reflect the mentality of the lone blogger.

Keep it real and say  - HELLO..!

.PS; For those who have not done it yet, buy a external hard drive and start backing up your pix to both the drive and the cloud. Drives that do both at the same time are now available.