Snow Go !

Following predictions of snow on last nights weather forecast I prepared myself and kit for an early start this morning, but things did not go to plan.

Let me explain, back in June I was going about my day to day stuff when I was struck by a view that I thought could play a part in one of my pictures once winter arrived. The idea was retained in the memory bank (not the best place to keep ideas safe) until conditions were suitable. I realise that this level of planning might pour cold water on the myth that all Street Photography is spontaneous and shot almost from the hip, "Street Togs"  should not only see what is before them but what might exist should the light or conditions change in the future  .I admit that more than 6 months is extreme  but the take away point I'm trying to make is that locations can change for the better within hours when shadow patterns change etc.  We should also be looking for photographic potential and developing ideas for the future all the time.

Try to see past the picture opportunities that exist in the here and now and think about how views will develop during the seasons of the year and the early or late parts of the day.

Meanwhile back to my morning, the alarm goes off at 7.00am, I awake bleary eyed and peep through the blinds, I am greeted by what can only be described as an apology of a snow storm  The shoot is off, I pull the duvet cover higher and sigh at the thought of this shot escaping me again !

I've just got up and shared my frustration here, I feel better now !

Thank you.

Keep it real !