The Ones that got Away !

Rule 1 (I hate rules) Always carry a camera !

You've heard this advice a million times and yet we all get caught out from time to time, I was reminded of this rule on Friday morning while having the morning from hell. I was standing at Gloucester railway station and from nowhere a wizard appears in the style of Gandolf walks up to the cash point and withdraws cash before vanishing into the station. I so wish I had been able to shoot this scene, if only to prove to others that it happened at 9.30am with no carnival or parade planned for that day.

The image is etched on my mind and sadly that is where it will stay, the best pictures are always the ones that get away. I have others that still haunt me from years ago, its amazing how clearly these "pix" appear in my memory.

Note to self ! Always carry a camera because its amazing what you see when you're not carrying a catapult !

Keep it real or should that be surreal !