Prepare to be Lucky !

I missed this shot during the first edit, I have published it today as it illustrates a point I made in an earlier post. (Street Photography First Steps)

I came across the dog tied to this lamp post and thought I would wait and watch to see how the scene developed. I framed up the shot leaving plenty of space in order to make capture of the image easier when the scene matured.

The lady in the pic arrived within 3 or 4 minutes and the dog owner shortly after, this was the first shot of the day and a nice way to break the ice for a two hour street session.

This shot was visualised before it existed, the composition was already planned before the old lady arrived on the scene and filled the space I had created to complete the composition.

I invest a lot of time waiting for these moments and it is not rare for nothing to happen, had the lady arrived from the right of the frame this picture would not have worked.