Talking The Talk ?

I assume the increase in  none  photographic, photographic activity that modern photographers consume and create is connected to the digital age .  Confused ?  So am I , it appears to me that many modern photographers would rather write a book , create a pod cast, organise meet ups , teach novices, write a blog or invent a camera club rather than , dare I suggest it , take photographs !

Whats going on ?

Has the picture making process become so easy that everyone has so much time on their hands to participate in these none core activities or is the isolation of a digital workflow creating a increased need for a form of photographic social interaction that the digital world and social media are failing to supply in a meaningful way ?

Are modern photographers missing out on the rumors, whispers & general gossip that professional analogue photographers enjoyed as part of regular visits to the E6 and C41 Photo Lab back in the day , in short are twenty first century photographers feeling lonely ?

Don't laugh , I'm serious , the modern world allows us to shoot , process , print , frame, exhibit and sell our work abroad without ever speaking to anyone . We can even replace our cameras with the money from the sale and might only have to say "thank you" to the person who delivers the package to the door , are the social skills that many of the best photographers possess wasted in the world of new media ?

Just for the record this is not a plea for help as I still battle against the clock everyday to produce the work that my overly active creative mind creates for me .    I was reminded recently of my vulnerability and have finally got the message that I am not invincible and will not live forever , that is why I am highly motivated and value my time behind a camera so highly , its fun to talk the talk but its more important to prove to yourself that you can walk the walk on a regular basis .  

That said I must now go and make some pictures as writing blogs is just "Talking The Talk"  ?

Keep it real !


David Hurn , a photographer who can certainly walk the walk and talk the talk .