The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum !

Don’t worry this is not another article about the “B” word , the title above comes from a capture I made back in 2016 which features a Boris Johnson clown like caricature against a backdrop of partying young people on the back of a carnival float.

I have to admit that I knew the picture was significant at the time of capture but I never imagined that the sentiments expressed within the artwork would come to life the way they have , this picture is not from a protest march or a political rally, this picture was made during a innocuous annual summer carnival !

A few days earlier I had photographed The Dickens Festival at Broadstairs , with hindsight this shoot now looks like a futuristic political gaze into the governments re-adoption of Victorian Dickensian values !


Make no mistake the political and social changes occurring in Britain today are as damaging, if not more damaging than the de-industrialisation that occurred during the 1970’s , photographically the demise of the Ship Building, Steel and Coal industries were easier to depict than the current twenty first century demolition of working class community and social values. The poverty and misery created by a lack of political empathy, equality and opportunity still exists today , as it did in my 1970’s teenage years on Tyneside.

The State Of Britain project relies on metaphor , humour and simple documentary photography to record the times we live in now , This picture captures the greatest sadness of all , despite all the bright colours , loud music and teenage optimism, no one is smiling anymore !

This party is over ?


The State Of Britain project is almost complete and considering publishing / exhibition opportunities for spring 2019.

Keep it real !