Am I The Only One ?

I hope this piece is easier to read than it will be to write , I have touched on this subject before but the response normally involves tumble weed blowing across this blog !

As this is Easter weekend I thought I would raise the question of spirituality within the act of Street Photography , others describe “it” as being “in the zone”, “really seeing it” and being “guided” ? The state I am describing is when all the elements of your photographic capture experience come together , your seeing is deeper, your responses almost subconscious and the outcomes feel as if they defy coincidence , the state I am describing here could be described as a moment of life / photographic alignment . This state when achieved feels as if the decision making process is being driven by something else ?

Let me state for the record that I do not consider myself to be religious but have to confess to being more aware of the “something else” when my mental state , seeing and thinking combine to create a different level of consciousness that does not feel as if it belongs to me , this is a real feeling of connectivity with all things around me . Street Photography is the only activity that enables me to create this altered level of awareness and increased perception .


The last time I wrote about this (ANALYSIS OF A MOMENT ! blog 2016) Mr Chris Wilson replied,

“There's a really interesting book called "thinking fast thinking slow" which looks at the two types of thought processes we have. The slow logical one and the quick emotional instinctive one. It's pretty interesting that our quicker thought process can be better in some cases especially when processing large amounts of data. Perhaps that's part of it ? “

This was really interesting and helped me understand that my “Auto Pilot” subconscious, spontaneous visual problem solving was probably quicker and more reliable than my deliberate considered picture making solutions !

I still find the level of coincidence, luck and the serendipitous nature of Street Photography hard to explain to myself, not only do these “unbelievable” scenarios happen, they happen in front of me , when i’m ready and looking to capture a moment ! I’m still unsure if I find these photographic opportunities or if they find me ?

Whatever is going on , long may it continue , I’m not sure I want to fully understand it ?

Every successful Street Photograph is a minor miracle to me.

Enjoy your Easter weekend.

Until next time keep it real !