What A Week !

The activities surrounding the run up to the Euro-Elections enabled me to create more work for my State Of Britain series this week, I started off photographing folk campaigning on the streets locally and ended up being invited to photograph a Brexit Party Rally !

People handing out leaflets on the street might not create earth shattering photographs but it does demonstrate how sometimes doors open when you engage with a subject at street level and explain to others what your doing and what your trying to achieve.

Engage with .your story at street level .

Engage with .your story at street level .

I was contacted by Chris Apperly at the online photography platform Togspace this week and agreed to share some work from The State Of Britain series with the Togspace audience, surprisingly this is the first UK based platform to show a interest in this very British project . The feature should appear this weekend , many thanks to www.togspace.co.uk for your support .

I photographed a Brexit Party Rally on Wednesday night and managed a few pictures that will certainly feature in the “Final Edit” of this series, I might be wrong but the end of this Brexit story might be in sight, but then again …….

I have to mention that American style political campaigning appears to have arrived in the UK with The Brexit Party, I’m no stranger to political gatherings but I have not seen this level of political evangelism in Britain before !

Against a background of shooting and editing my recent work I also had to renew my First Aid qualification this week , so a quick thank you to The St Johns Ambulance service for the excellent 2 day training course .

It really is a big challenge to shoot, edit and share the progress of a personal photographic project on a part-time basis while working in order to keep the wolf away, this series is definitely taking shape and echoing the mood of what is a very unpredictable country at a very unpredictable time.

As I write this Teresa May has just announced her departure !

Until next time, keep it real !