The State Of Britain

When I embarked on my State Of Britain series I knew that 2017 was going to be a year of political significance , the Brexit vote and political change in the US lead me to believe that a year of uncertainty and political upheaval was inevitable.

What interested me most was how these changes would manifest themselves into the day to day live's of the UK population , in some ways the challenge for me was to interpret what I saw around me and try to create a series of images that represent everyday scenes during these unusual times .

One of my concerns has been the way that Britain's adoption of Americana appears to be growing into a increasing appetite for the "American Dream" which to my mind at least is the creation of a society that believes in the survival of the fittest and accepts food banks and homelessness as acceptable solutions to a under funded welfare state.

The only great certainty is that things are about to change in the UK , the changes will be much more subtle than the dismantling of Britain's industrial landscape that came to represent the Thatcher era and feature greater pressure on disadvantaged individuals who rely on state support.

Where and when the pictures for this series will reveal themselves to me is as yet unclear, however I will be viewing this country of mine with a more cynical eye than ever before and suggest that you do the same and try to record how your community changes.

Keep it real !