Time To Change !

I can't believe that we are almost at the half way point of March in 2017, this year seems to be flying past, to be honest I feel as if its leaving me behind as I have yet to achieve anything meaningful this year on the photographic front although the Blue Frames project and my State of Britain projects are making slow progress.

Its time to get organised for the year ahead and decide what my photographic priorities are and identify the the places and subjects I want to shoot over the remaining 9 months of this year of instability.

The Blue Frames project is so spontaneous it requires little planning and usually relies on me winging it each week, however my "British" shoot needs a bit of forward thinking if I am to be in the right locations at the right time. The truth is that The State of Britain project is not really about the places but has more to do with the times and political climate that we are currently living through. I believe that the visual effects of austerity, change and economic uncertainty are the currency of this project and should be seen against a background of existing cultural and political links with the United States. 

How the story of our times will manifest itself through my pictures remains to be seen as the creation of work that represents a time or era and its effects on a particular place can only be judged with hindsight but must be created now.

The take away message of this short blog is that the next few years will be seen as important on both sides of the pond and images that communicate the changes to our everyday lives may be viewed with more significance in the years and decades ahead, for that reason we should try to engage more meaningfully with what we see and shoot and try to create a narrative of political and social change that hopefully will create a greater understanding of our lives and times.

Keep it real !