Do you speak foto ?

We all acknowledge that photography is a international language and universal form of communication, however it appears to me that many of us would benefit by developing a stronger visual vocabulary. A greater understanding of "foto-language" would enable us to create images of greater significance and help us to increase our understanding of works created by others.

The benefit of adopting icons, symbols and logos in our work is that our audience will already have a understanding or emotional response to the message they intend to communicate. These established symbols can be used as intended but also give photographers opportunities to subvert the original intention or juxtapose against existing events or imagery. 

I created a image this week that surprised me, at first glance it appears to be little more than a man carrying a table down the street which offered a slightly humorous view of a large teardrop shape with legs, this shot did not appear to have what I call a lot of "meat on the bone !

On closer inspection I noticed the chrome cross and associated it with the teardrop shaped table top that appeared to echo the shape of a crusaders shield to me, classic religious iconography. Finally while editing I noticed that the composition directed the eye towards the cross of a church on the skyline .

All in all this "Man carries table" pic appears to be rich in religious parallels for those that see more than a bit of furniture being moved .begging me to question whether this is a serendipitous capture or a piece divine intervention.?

Enjoy your Sunday and keep it real !

Serendipity or divine intervention ?