Stick With It !

Sticking with the subject is a top piece of street Photography advice that I found myself following last weekend. I was shooting a local carnival with no real preconceived ideas, as I believe a street togs greatest asset is a open mind !

I arrived early to shoot the preparations as experience has taught me that some of the best views will appear when things are at a stage of preparation, half built, unfinished etc.   The day was blisteringly hot and the light much harder than I would have liked but worse than that the picture opportunity's appeared to be quite limited compared to previous years. In short I was struggling to get into any kind of shooting rhythm, a change of approach was needed so I decided to explore a series of pix based around a Boris Johnstone painting that had been created by a local art group, if nothing else it was topical and quite humorous, the artist had depicted BOJO as a clown like character. 

Now that my approach was sorted the shoot became a lot easier, the BOJO painting was the focal point of about 2/3rds of my shots, the challenge now was to try and add some variety to this set of images, I think I managed this with varying degrees of success and ended up with a set of 5 pix that hold together reasonably well, I think ?

Those of you familiar with my SP rants will be aware that I try and create photographs that are of their time, these BOJO pix ticked the "Brexit" box for me as I had been on the look out for a opportunity to symbolise and acknowledge Britain's current prevailing political atmosphere . 

Enjoy  your weekend.

Keep it real !