Big Balls are Better Balls !

Its been quite a hectic weekend and that's just the photography !

I  went out yesterday in the hope of finding a interesting moment and was rewarded for my efforts with 2 images, which is one more than I expect from a few hours out on the street. my current hit rate is now averaging a image per month for 2016.  I'm not complaining as I don't really mind how slowly these moments come to me, just as long as they do.

I was reflecting on one of my captures this weekend and started to think about the random nature of what we do as Street Photographers, I based one of my pix on a market sellers display of footballs that I built a shot around. The footballs were displayed on a string suspended between two stalls which gave me the opportunity to get behind them and frame my shot. Basically the display decisions that the market trader made, while I was still under my duvet determined the ultimate outcome of my photographic session on the street !                                                               It makes you realise how fragile the difference is between photo opportunity's coming your way or not ! (The balls featured are much larger than standard footballs which allowed me to maintain the DOF and perspective for this shot, hence the title for this post .)

The other shot I  managed feels as if it just happened to me as the subject gate crashed my frame while I was considering the potential of a colorful background.

Finally I wrapped up my weekend with a conceptual Pinhole photograph that I hope features a bit of blur and movement due to the long exposure, I love the simple approach required for lens-less shots and anticipate the return of my outdated 120 film from the lab with great optimism. 

Hope your weekend went to plan, keep it real !