5 Reasons To Abandon Street Photography (& Take Up Golf !)

I'm sure the reasons people shoot street are as diverse as the the folk who take up the challenge of Street Photography, . I write this tongue in cheek piece today in the hope that togs will examine their personal motivations and expectations of Street Photography .

1. Street Photography should not be pursued in the hope that it will produce a significant income, not only will this corrupt your creative integrity and approach, it will lead to a supply to demand mentality which leads to a create for others mentality, your authenticity is your greatest asset don't sell it . Should your goal be cash , take up Golf ! (or commercial photography).

2.  Street Photography as a means of meeting new people and making friends is probably not the best idea if your serious about your picture making. Street Photography involves the investment of many isolated hours on the street in the hope of working unnoticed . although you are often surrounded by people your interactions are photographic, exchanging only smiles, nods and a thank you with your passing targets. Street Photography in many ways is verging on the anti-social. Should you wish to expand your social horizons take up Golf !

3. Undertaking Street Photography in the hope of emulating the shots of others featured in on-line SP groups is aiming a little low, try to make your SP personal to you, when others Zig take it as a sign to Zag !. Street Photography is not about fitting in, its about breaking out, so if you lack the conviction to explore your uniqueness ,take up Golf !

4. Street Photography is about engaging with your surroundings on a mental and creative level, it is more than a walk with a camera. Should you lack the mental appetite to try and look beyond what others see and search for significance in the every day you should take up Golf !

5. Street Photography is not a Olympic event, it is not competitive and is certainly not about being the best ! Street Photography is a personal exploration of your life and times. The best images you make will be the ones that have deep meaning to you and are relevant to the life you live. Serious Street Photographers all aspire to be the best they can be but not at the expense of others. Should you be hyper competitive with a win at all costs attitude, Golf is the game for you as the integrity and empathy required for Street Photography is probably not part of who you are.

That's it , hope these reasons help you explore your motivations and inspire you to become a better street tog, you don't really want to take up Golf, do you ?

Keep it real !