Ask Why !



Now that 2016 is rolling to its end I have been evaluating my personal photographic motivation and trying to understand why I do what I do and trying to identify any changes that might bring me closer to my creative Utopia !

1. Why bother taking pictures ?

My personal reasons for practicing photography are simple, my captures now give me a connection to the times and environment I live in . My motivation was not always this noble, the pursuit of cash and technique motivated me for more than 25 years.

2. Why should I shoot Street Photography ?

The buzz of creating a image that has a element of surprise, sadness or humour is the only motivation I need to pursue "Street" pictures, the thrill of extracting these moments from real life without intervention is both a torment and a minor miracle when these collisions of coincidence occur .

3. Why do I shoot everything in colour ?

Colour photography for me is the medium of the here and now, the practice of removing (colour) information from a photo does not sit well with me, for that reason I have no intention of exploiting monochrome imagery in order to bring a level gravitas to my work. despite my reservations I must confess to liking Dalmatians shot in Black and white.


4. Why do I share pictures on-line ?

Photography for me is a isolated activity, my on-line activity helps me to feel part of a larger community, the feedback can be both a blessing and a curse which is most welcome but I never allow it to influence my visual agenda. I will probably post fewer pics during 2017.

5. Why am I buying fewer Photo-Books ?

One of my treats in life is to invest in photo-books, I have bought fewer this year than ever before . This is not a conscious decision, I'm just not seeing or should that be feeling it, many of this years publications are wasted on me !

Depardon's Glasgow is a gem !          


Self evaluation is never a bad thing especially at the end of a year, The "why" question should be a important question for all of us  and is far more valuable than the glib "why not" answer !

Keep it real in 2017 !