Keeping it real !

The older I get the more I seem to be disappointed by people, that's not individuals you understand but people "plural", groups, crowds and yes quite often photographers and to be more specific street photographers the sense of community that we like to refer to is hard to find for most togs especially beginners, Street Photography appears to be becoming more and more elitist !

The help and support that we like to believe exists for newcomers is really only available at a price and that seems to be the problem, street photography is being exploited as a means of making money by togs who are not good enough to cut it in the commercial photography world or qualified enough to get a job teaching photography via one of our many universities.

Self proclaimed experts are everywhere you look on the internet on both sides of the Atlantic, as far as I can see their ability to use the social networks for self promotion eclipses any ability they might have with a camera. Its a shame because some of these folk are talented and might become as good as they think they are, if only they would focus on the photography rather than try to convince us of how great they are ! 

What we do is a very simple thing, we take modest photographic equipment onto the street and record everyday life in a way that has meaning to us and hopefully others. The subject is accessible to all and the kit can be as basic as the humble Olympus Trip film camera. Don't let the real democracy of street photography be corrupted by those who have sold out and choose to sell "the dream" to those who are to busy earning to do the real learning that street photography demands !

I would be grateful if all Street Photography experts could wear a badge or a silly hat just to help us lowly togs identify who you are, that way not only will we be able to avoid you but we will be able to sound the bullshit alarm and save others from your influence.

Street Photography is not a competitive Olympic event,however, it can be a very rewarding personal journey if your prepared to embrace your successes and failures equally !

Keep it real !