Street Photography With Social Comment

Every now and then I create an image that really resonates with me, at the time of capture I recognise the irony of the moment but with time the image takes on a deeper significance. Thankfully I am able to recognise these moments quickly but I must admit that I am unable to see the deeper social comment that my work contains until I have lived with the work for a much longer period .

The image published below was captured at a Thomas The Tank Engine event and I was attracted to the man in HI-Viz clothing going unnoticed by those around him. With time this image has taken on much deeper meaning to me and I believe it represents prevailing social attitudes.

The image was captured quietly and quickly and could of quite easily have gone unnoticed by me, I managed only one frame before moving on.  Some might argue that Street Photography with a social comment is better described as Documentary photography however I believe that the best Street Photography is good because of its social relevance and is stronger because it reflects society's attitudes.!

Subtle is allowed !

Keep it real !

Invisible Man, Gloucestershire 2014